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The Academy will offer students the opportunity to engage in an interactive, multi-intelligence, multi-age learning environment. We are committed to academic excellence using leadership, cooperation, community involvement, sportsmanship, and character development. The learning environment will include knowledge-based instruction that is supplemented by: developing cognitive skills that promote intelligent behavior; acquiring/enhancing sensory, motor, and emotional skills; focusing on character education; cultivating/expanding life skills to facilitate independence; attaining a sense of security and achievement; recruiting parents, family members, or designated individuals; forming partnerships with community businesses; instituting a mentor program; and establishing a school-wide child advocate program.



Multicultural School

As a Multicultural School, any school documents that need to be translated in Spanish, Creole, or Portuguese call us for a translated document.




Como una escuela multicultural, todos los  documento escolar que necesite ser traducido en español, creole o portugués, llámenos para obtener un documento traducido.


Como uma escola multicultural, qualsquer documentos escolares que precisam ser traduzidos para español,

crioulo ou Portugués,  pode charmar-nos para um documento traducido.

Comme une ecole multiculturelle, tous les documents scolaires qui dolivent etre traduit
en espagnol,

en creole ou en portugais peuvent nous

appeler pour un document tradiut.

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