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My Dearest Mrs Espinosa, 

As Andrews middle school years are coming to an end, I can only reflect on his formative years. With that comes, much gratitude to you and your staff that Andrew was part of the Academy for Positive Learning  . I believe that with teaching,  care, love and support shown by you and all the staff involved, it has made him the young person that he is today. This definitely is a milestone in his life and you were part of it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart,


 Marlene devarona

“I want to take a moment to personally thank Academy For Positive Learning for  creating  a welcoming atmosphere every single morning when I drop off my son to school. The vice principal Mrs Hudson is always there with a sweet smile on her face even when the weather is not on her side and she opens the door to every parent’s car calling the children by their name, which I think is quite remarkable. I will also never forget the first day of school when both my son and I where very excited and nervous at the same time to start the new school year in a new school and at the entrance the principal Mrs Espinoza greeted him and  took him by hand and personally accompany him to the Cafeteria with all the other children. I also want to express my gratitude to his teachers for having so much patience with me taking their time to always communicate very quickly to all my questions and concerns about my son’s academic offering great suggestions.”

Nicoletta Cabianca, Parent

“I am a parent at Academy for Positive Learning. I have an eleven year old son that will be entering middle school. I also have an eight year old daughter that will commence the third grade this coming school calendar year. Both of my children have attended Academy for Positive Learning since kindergarten. I’ll begin by saying the efforts of the principal, Mrs. Espinoza and staff to make this particular school a success have been amazing. Not only are they concerned for the well being (physically and academic wise) of all students, but they give the parents of all socio economic statuses the opportunity of being involved in every aspect of what goes on throughout the calendar year.

In particular, I have had the great pleasure to meet vice-principal Mrs. Hudson. What an asset to the school. Her experience in the school system and just an overall spectacular human-being resonates as she greets you just about every morning at drop off and at every event concerning the school.

I will end by saying, the future of our children are in the hands of the people who teach them at a tender age. Along with the continuous support from principal Mrs. Espinoza, vice- principal Mrs. Hudson and the staff, I have no doubt my children will become something great following in the footsteps of these people besides myself, that are teaching them. With that said I thank you Academy for Positive Learning.” – Marlene Devarona, Parent

“Academy For Positive Learning was the right school at the right time. Starting in middle school, my child was able to make new friends, try new things and grow academically at the school. This school continues to improve itself and the educational skills of its students. Jump in and get involved if you are looking for a small school with a big experience and caring staff.” – Janet Norton, Parent

“I wanted to thank you for letting me into your school and allowing me to observe.  You and your entire staff were always kind and professional.  I noticed that in every class I observed the students were all very well behaved.  Every teacher I observed seemed meant for the job.  It truly was a wonderful experience.  It looks like you are building a top level school in Lake Worth.  Thank you again and I wish you and The Academy For Positive Learning all the success in the world.” – Marc Crownover, Student Teacher

I was doing some research in regards to growing a vegetable home garden.  Olivia was so excited when she brought home Kale.  I made Kale chips and she enjoyed it very much.  I want to “Thank You” for making this happen in your school. Not only is it fun to research and I realized how fun it is to feel encouraged  to grow my own.  I saw the difference of the leaf in color and crispiness, how much  more nutrient it contains just by giving it some love and consuming what you’ve loved.  It helps me bond with my kids. I went to the American Hearts Association and I am educating myself with their home garden program. Had Olivia not had the opportunity to experience this in your school, I would have never taken interest to begin such project. Thank you again! – Ana Silva, Parent

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