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We follow the state standards of Florida.

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Help available in English, Creole and Spanish.

Our charter includes incorporating the philosophy and teaching styles of Dr. Kagan and incorporating Lindamood Bell into the standard curriculum.

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We will provide a unique academic environment which promotes positive and successful students, in Kindergarten through 8th grades. Academy for Positive Learning is open to any K-8 student. In the near future we expect to offer Summer VPK to increase early literacy development. Students with disabilities and students served in ESOL programs shall have an equal opportunity for enrollment as long as the needs of the child can be met within our program. Academy for Positive Learning shall enroll an eligible student who submits a timely application, unless the number of applications exceeds the capacity of the program, class, grade level or building. If that occurs, students will be granted admittance based on a lottery system. We will not violate the applicable anti-discrimination provisions found in federal and state statutes.


Students in grades K-3 will be taught basic skills in reading and mathematics with mastery as our instructional goal. Classroom size will averages up to 18 students allowing for individualized learning as well as conventional classroom instruction, peer, group and collaborative learning. Class sizes for the 4th through 8th grade will averaged to be 24 students. In addition, the basic skills instruction is enhanced with hands-on learning in Science and Social Studies allowing for child-centered instruction utilizing teachers as facilitators rather than traditional lecture style of teaching, as prescribed by Kagan’s Cooperative Structures.

Rounding out our curriculum will be classes offering art & art appreciation, physical education (including yoga), music & music theory, drama & theater, Spanish for Spanish speakers, and Spanish for Beginners.

Reading is a priority at Academy for Positive Learning. Since students learn differently, various time tested, research based reading programs will be available to enhance reading abilities. In addition to the core curriculum, the Lindamood-Bell Program is used to complement the Core Knowledge program, enhance learning, and facilitate reading skills. Academy for Positive Learning follows the Florida Department of Education reading and intensive reading criteria.

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